Brazos County Historical Timeline

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Brazos Co 1960 Census reports Brazos Co population is 44,895.
Bryan 1960 Census reports Bryan's population is 27,542.
College Station 1960 Census reports College Station's population is 11,396.
Bryan The Eagle reports that the attrition rate among freshman has reached 56 percent, with many of the dropouts citing A&M's all male character as their reason for leaving.
A&M College Hensel Apartments completed at a cost of $1,735,000.
A&M College Petroleum Engineering Building completed at a cost of $712,000.
Nov 8 National Election Day
John F. Kennedy elected 36th President of the United States.
Brazos County votes for (D)Kennedy.
A&M College Installation of chilled water system for campus air conditioning at a cost of $735,000.
A&M College Between 1952 and 1962, A&M's enrollment increases by 29 percent. Over the same time period, the University of Texas grows by 70 percent and Texas Tech by 117 percent. Texas A&M ranks as the fifth largest college in the state.
A&M College Bryan Air Base deeded to A&M 1,991.39 acres in tracts. Operated as A&M College Research and Extension Center until 1988.
A&M College Music Hall, built in 1922 as the YMCA Annex, razed.
A&M College Plant Sciences Building completed at a cost of $2,380,000. Named for L.F. Peterson (Class of 1936) in 1985.
A&M College Architecture Building completed at a cost of $919,000. Incorporated into the Langford Architecture Center in 1978.
A&M College Olympic Swimming Pool completed at a cost of $225,000.  Named for R. Wofford Cain (Class of 1913).
Bryan The Eagle is sold to Harte Hanks Communications Inc. of San Antonio, publishers of the Express News there as well as papers in Abilene, Corpus Christi and elsewhere in Texas. No longer would local people own the paper,
May A&M College In an unofficial poll sponsored by the A&M administration the student body votes in favor of coeducation.
Jun Austin The Texas Commission on Higher Education announces it will study the A&M admissions policy.
Bryan Contracts made for sharing power with Denton, Greenville, Garland and Brazos Electric Power Cooperative.
A&M College The Board of Directors permits women to enroll on a limited basis.
A&M College Presidents home burned.
Feb A&M College The Board announces that beginning in the fall, the A&M College of Texas will be known as Texas A&M University.
Mar A&M College The Battalion breaks the story that the Board has been confidentially considering the admission of women.  Shortly thereafter, T. L. Smith, class of '98, initiates a letter writing campaign among the Sul Ross Group (former students over 70 years of age) against coeducation.
Apr 27 A&M College the Board rules that effective June 1, eligible women will be admitted into graduate programs and Veterinary Medicine as day students. Wives and daughters of faculty and staff, wives of students in residence, and women staff members will also be admitted to undergraduate programs. The headline in the Eagle reads: "A&M Admits Girls, Girls, Girls."
Apr 29 A&M College President Earl Rudder meets with 4000 students in G. Rollie White Coliseum. The students chant: "We don't want to integrate!" Rudder's concluding remarks are drowned out by a chorus of boos. By April 30th, 12 women have inquired about admission to A&M.
May 7 Austin State Representative and A&M graduate Will Smith introduces an anti coeducation resolution. 500 gather in the Rotunda of the State Capitol in support of the measure, including 300 cadets in full uniform and several representatives of the A&M Mothers' Club. The resolution passes by a vote of 99 to 22 and is sent to the House, where William Moore kills it and then passes a resolution praising the Board for its courageous action.
May A&M College The Board approves racial integration.
Aug 23 Austin The 58th Texas State Legislature changes the name of The Agricultural & Mechanical College of Texas to Texas A&M University. Names of schools changed to colleges and divisions changed to schools.
Aug Texas A&M 183 women are enrolled. Some of the first women are required to sign contracts stating they will withdraw if A&M reverses its policy. Early women are often derisively referred to as Maggies. A few years later, the first women Cadets are called Waggies.
Sep Texas A&M Science Hall, built in 1900, demolished.
Nov 22 Dallas President Kennedy is assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. Gov Connally is also wounded. Lyndon Johnson is sworn in as the 37th President of the United States.
Nov Texas A&M Bonfire was built but not ignited because of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Spring Texas A&M James L. Courtney (Class of 1967) is the first black student enrolled at Texas A&M University.
Nov 3 National Election Day
Lyndon Johnson elected 37th President of the United States.
Brazos County votes for (D)Johnson.
Texas A&M Five new dormitories and lounges completed at a cost of $3,364,260.
Texas A&M Presidents Home completed at a cost of $127,000.
Texas A&M The Student Senate, controlled by members of the Corps of Cadets, passes resolutions stating that women students who die should not be honored with Silver Taps and that female graduates should receive different rings than male students. The Civilian Student Council disagrees, and a general controversy follows.
Jan Texas A&M 21 women are enrolled for the Spring semester.
Feb 6 Texas A&M The Executive Council of the Association of Former Students recommends unlimited coeducation and non compulsory military training. The student body narrowly endorses the recommendation in a Student Senate poll.
Apr 24 Texas A&M A&M System Board of Directors adopts Army/Air Force recommendations and makes Cadet Corps membership optional.
Aug 31 Texas A&M M.T. Harrington (Class of 1922) retires as Chancellor of the A&M System.
Sep 1 Texas A&M Office of Chancellor abolished. J. Earl Rudder (Class of 1932) appointed President of the Texas A&M University System in addition to continuing as President of the University.
Austin Andy Rogers, graduate and State Senator, introduces a bill reinstating the all male policy. The bill is later softened to say that the doors of A&M should not be opened any further to women.  Rudder, Evans, the Student Body President, and the Corps Commander all testify before the Senate in favor of coeducation. The Education Committee passes the bill on for further consideration. William T. Moore offers his resignation from the Committee in protest and Rudder, Evans, et al., return to testify again. Eight students and a delegation from the Mothers' Club show up in support of the bill. Moore filibusters to finally kill the bill in the senate.
Texas A&M The Board opens the door further for women. Any woman "associated with the faculty and staff" or any woman pursing a program only offered or a "goal" best pursued at A&M is eligible for admittance. President Rudder is also given authority to admit any woman who does not qualify under the stated policy. Women attending during the summer school sessions are also eligible for degrees. These changes have the overall effect of completely ending the prohibition on coeducation.
Texas A&M Aggieland Inn, built in 1925, razed.
May Texas A&M A&M mascot Reveille II retired at Final Review and Reveille III chosen.
Aug 23 Texas A&M Former A&M mascot Reveille II died.
Texas A&M Kyle Field's west side second deck extended to current position, east side second deck erected. Capacity now 48,000.
Texas A&M The responsibility for Bonfire construction moved from the yell leaders to "Red Pots," students specifically chosen to plan and construct the stack. "Pot" refers to the safety helmets worn by Bonfire construction workers. The color designates their positions and responsibilities.
Texas A&M Reed McDonald Building completed at a cost of $1,460,000.
Texas A&M Olin E. Teague (Class of 1932) Research Center completed at a cost of $1,664,000.
Texas A&M Variable Energy Cyclotron completed at a cost of $6,000,000.
Nov 5 National Election Day
Richard Nixon elected 38th President of the United States.
Brazos County votes for (R)Nixon.
Texas A&M Bonfire reaches 109 feet, 10 inches in height, the tallest ever.
Texas A&M Seven College View Apertment buildings completed at a cost of $1,136,000.
Bryan W.F. Moore starts a "shopper" newspaper called The Bryan College Station Press.
Sep Bryan The Bryan Daily Eagle changed its name to The Daily Eagle. The owners did not want to add College Station to the name because, as Bill Page reports, "they did not think that The Bryan College Station Daily Eagle would look nice at the top of the page." The "Daily" eventually would be dropped and the name would become The Eagle of Bryan College Station.
Brazos Co 1970 Census reports Brazos Co population is 57,978.
Bryan 1970 Census reports Bryan's population is 33,719.
College Station 1970 Census reports College Station's population is 17,676.
Texas A&M AstroTurf installed on Kyle Field, and grass practice field built south of the stadium.
Texas A&M The size of Bonfire was limited by the University to 55 feet high and 45 feet wide.
Texas A&M Band Hall and 12 dorm service building completed at a cost of $1,140,000. Band hall named for Lt.Col. E.V. Adams (Class of 1929) in 1973.
Texas A&M Nancy Neilson earns a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering. She is the first woman since the Hutson twins to complete a course of study in engineering. She is the first ever to receive a degree.
Feb Texas A&M The admissions policy in the General Catalogue states: "Texas A&M University is a co educational University admitting men and women to all academic studies on the same basis" (8). Though this only reflects what had already been the practice for several years, it is the first unqualified and official statement indicating that women are eligible to attend A&M without restriction.
Feb 15 Texas A&M Educational television station, KAMU TV signs on the air from Bagley Hall.
Mar 23 Texas A&M Death of A&M President J. Earl Rudder (Classof 1932).
Mar 30 Texas A&M Alvin Roubal Luedke (Classof 1932) named acting president of A&M.
Nov 1 Texas A&M Jack Kenny Williams appointed President of Texas A&M University.
Texas A&M 1,767 women are enrolled.
Texas A&M Guion Hall, built in 1918, razed.
Bryan Manor East Mall, first enclosed shopping center, opened.
Texas A&M Bagley Hall, built in 1904, razed.
Texas A&M Mitchell Hall, built in 1912, razed.
Texas A&M Krueger and Dunn residence halls completed at a cost of $8,352,000. Krueger is the first residence hall for women.
Mar 16 Texas A&M H.B. Zachry Engineering building dedicated.
Fall Texas A&M Campus housing opened to women.
Nov 7 National Election Day
Richard Nixon re-elected President of the United States.
Brazos County votes for (R)Nixon.
Texas A&M J. Earl Rudder Conference Center completed at a cost of $10,472,000.
Texas A&M David Eller Oceanography/Meteorology building completed at a cost of $8,440,000.
Texas A&M Married student housing completed at a cost of $2,799,000.
Texas A&M Participation in the Corps of Cadets is opened to women. About fifty women join the Corps and are organized into W 1, an all female unit. The members of this unit are referred to derisively as "Waggies."
Texas A&M Women's athletic program established.
Texas A&M Athletic dormitory completed at a cost of $3,451,000.  Named for Wofford Cain (Classof 1913).
Texas A&M The Memorial Student Center expanded at a cost of $12,449,000.
Texas A&M Texas A&M University Press established.
Texas A&M 7,182 women are enrolled at Texas A&M. Total enrollment is 24,876.
Texas A&M The first social sorority is established on campus.
Bryan Texas Municipal Power Authority established.
Texas A&M Aston and Mosher residence halls completed at a cost of $10,462,500.
Texas A&M The old water tower dismantled.
May 31 Texas A&M A&M mascot Reveille III dies. Funeral ceremonies held at Kyle Field on September 9th. Reveille IV chosen.
Texas A&M Linda (Cornelius) Waltman becomes the first woman on full athletic scholarship. She will be a member of the 1980 Olympic Team and the first woman inducted into the A&M Sports Hall of Fame.
Oct 4 Texas A&M Texas A&M University celebrates its 100th anniversary.
Nov 2 National Election Day
Jimmy Carter elected 39th President of the United States.
Brazos County votes for (R)Gerald Ford.
Texas A&M Dick Freeman Arena and horse barns completed on FM 2818.
Mar 31 Texas A&M Radio Station KAMU FM goes on the air.
May 24 Texas A&M Jack K. Williams appointed chancellor of the Texas A&M University System and acting president of the University.
Jul 29 Texas A&M Jarvis E. Miller (Classof 1950) appointed President of Texas A&M.
Sept Texas A&M First class of 32 students enroll in A&M medical program.
Dec 3 Texas A&M Heldenfels Laboratory Science Classroom building dedicated.
Texas A&M Omar Smith Varsity Tennis Courts completed at a cost of $776,000.
Jan Texas A&M Langford Architecture Center completed at a cost of $8,180,000.
Mar 21 Texas A&M C.E. Pat Olsen Baseball Stadium dedicated. Field lighting added in 1980.
Apr 3 Texas A&M Kleberg Animal Science and Food Science Center dedicated.
Texas A&M Female cadets are allowed to participate in the Bonfire cut. They are not allowed to cut any tree bigger than 12 inches in diameter, and they work in a separate area from the men. Prior to this time, women are only allowed to work as members of the "Cookie Crew" or as "Water Wenches."
Texas A&M Melanie Zentgraf, a female member of the Corps of Cadets, leads a class action lawsuit to integrate women into several elite Corps organizations and honor companies, including the Aggie Band, the Ross Volunteers, Parson's Mounted Calvary, Rudder's Rangers, and the Brigade Color Guard. The case will last five years and will result in the integration of all Corps organizations.
Bryan The Eagle outgrew its offices on 26th Street in Downtown Bryan and in moved to its present location at 1729 Briarcrest Drive in Bryan.
Texas A&M Six story addition to Sterling C. Evans Library provides a total of a half million squre feet of space and seating for 4,500 students.
Jan 23 Texas A&M Chancellor Jack K. Williams resigns. Board of Regents Chairman Clyde H Wells (Class of 1938) named acting chancellor of the A&M System.
Sep 26 Texas A&M Frank W.R. Hubert named Chancellor of the Texas A&M University System.