Brazos County Historical Timeline

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Brazos Co 1900 Census reports Brazos Co population is 18,859.
Bryan 1900 Census reports Bryan's population is 3,589.
Feb Bryan Deputy Sheriff Levi Neal, an African American, is killed in the line of duty
A&M College Sewage disposal plant completed.
Bryan Business League organized by merchants.
Bryan Allen Smith poultry packing plant began operation.
A&M College A new Agriculture & Horticulture building was completed. In the 1920's it would become know as Science Hall.
Jun 18 A&M College First summer session; no further summer sessions until 1909.
Aug 30 Bryan I&GN Railroad reached Bryan.
Sep 12 Steele's Store Henry B. Steele appointed postmaster at Steele's Store.
Nov 5 Macy Robert A. McCoy appointed postmaster at Macy.
Nov 6 National Election Day
William McKinley re-elected President of the United States.
Texas votes for (D) Bryan.
A&M College To the disappointment of many local and college officials, the Texas legislature establishes a school for the industrial education of women at Denton rather than at A&M.
A&M College New power plant completed at a cost of $17,000.
Bryan Villa Maria Orsuline Academy transferred to Bryan after the hurricane at Galveston.
Bryan First automobile owned by a Bryan resident was a red Oldsmobile bought by M. Bonneville.
Jan Bryan P. Landry is promoted to principal of the Bryan school.
Sept 6 Buffalo NY An anarchist named Leon Czolgosz shoots president McKinley during a public reception in the Temple of Music.
Sept 14 Buffalo NY President McKinley dies from the gunshot wound he received eight days earlier. Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt is sworn in as the 26th President of the United States.
Nov New Chapel Baptist Church purchases land.
Dec Methodist Conference meets at Lee Chapel.
Dec 2 A&M College Death of President Lafayette Lumpkin Foster, the only president buried on A&M property.
Dec 10 A&M College Appointment of R.H. Whitlock as acting president of the college.
Bryan Carnegie Library founded on $10,000 grant.
Bryan Texas Woman's College founded by Bryan Baptists.
A&M College A new Chemistry and Veterinary Building is completed at a cost of $31,000. The building was made of yellowish bricks rather than the standard "cherry reds" that uniformly adorned the campus buildings of the day. The structure was torn down in 1929 to make room for Texas A&M's first library building. The reason why it was torn down other than to make room for the library is not known.
Jul 1 A&M College Appointment of David Franklin Houston as President of the College.
Jan "Colored citizens" of Bryan establish a burial organization.
Aug An anti-prohibition club for Blacks is organized.
A&M College Textile Engineering Building (Bagley Hall) completed at a cost of $31,000.
July Bryan The Ancient Order of Pilgrims (colored) meet in Bryan.
Nov 8 National Election Day
Theodore Roosevelt re-elected President of the United States.
Texas votes for (D) Parker.
A&M College Athletic Council Chairman Edwin Jackson Kyle, professor of horticulture, fences off a portion of land on southwest corner of campus, originally designated for agricultural experiments, for an athletic field.
June Brazos Co Pleasant Grove Baptist Church has opening services for new building.
Sep 8 A&M College Appointment of Henry Hill Harrington as president.
Oct Bryan Farmers Improvement Society of Texas (colored) meet in Bryan.
Oct 4 A&M College Professor Kyle gives $312.63 of his own money to purchase lumber for the building of bleachers on the athletic field with a seating capacity of 500.
Oct 7 A&M College First game played on the future site of Kyle Field, with A&M defeating the Houston YMCA 29 0.
Bryan City adopted ordinance setting 8 mph speed limit.
A&M College The Shirley Hotel was constructed to serve as a social and entertainment nucleus for faculty members and guests on campus. The name of the new facility was chosen with a drawing from names submitted by club members.  Little Shirley Lomax, the daughter of Professor John A. Lomax of the English Department, was the lucky name and thus was born the Shirley Hotel. The building itself was a large frame structure with a classic columned front. It was owned and operated as a private corporation by faculty members until 1922 at which time the Faculty Club disbanded.
A&M College Tent city erected to temporarily house overflow students. It remained until after World War 1.
Mar Boonville Land for an African American orphanage in Boonville is purchased.
Oct The corner stone was laid for new Lee Chapel building
Bryan Rural Free Delivery Service out of Bryan established.
A&M College Professor Kyle gives more money to buy a covered grandstand from the Bryan Fair Association. The stands were disassembled board by board and hauled in wagons to the campus.
Sept Local African American farmers organize a farmers' union.
A&M College A new dormitory was completed at a cost of $53,000. It was named in honor of Col. George Iverson Goodwin, the author of the act of the Twelfth Texas Legislature which created the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.
A&M College 1894 Natatorium razed & a new Natatorium completed at a cost of $10,000.
Aug Denver CO Bryan Eagle Editor Malcolm Carnes, only 38, died in in Denver, Colorado, where he had gone for health reasons.
Aug 7 A&M College President Henry Hill Harrington resigned.
Sep 1 A&M College Robert Teague Milner named president.
Oct Bryan The Carnes and Wallace company sold its stock in the Bryan Eagle to Joseph M. Carnes, M.E. Wallace, J.J. Gilham and George A. Adams, who formed the Eagle Printing Co. Joseph Carnes, father of the late Malcolm Carnes, became editor in chief and Gilham became local editor.
Nov 3 National Election Day
William Taft elected 27th President of the United States.
Texas votes for (D) Bryan.
Austin The legislature grants A&M permission to conduct regular summer sessions with the stipulation that women be allowed to attend in the summer.
Bryan Fire destroyed second city hall, fire department and all city minutes prior to 1891.
Bryan Sewer system to serve business district built.
Bryan Bryan Baptist Academy organized and operated by the Baptist General Convention of Texas.
A&M College The first reported Aggie Bonfire was built of trash gathered on the spur of the moment in anticipation of the game with the University of Texas. Early bonfires were built of "acquired" materials.
A&M College Civil Engineering Building completed at a cost of $65,000. Named for Engineering Dean James C. Nagle in 1939. First reinforced concrete building on campus.
A&M College Agricultural Experiment Station Building completed at a cost of $34,000.
Jan Bryan The Brazos Pilot burned in a fire that also burned the First National Bank, a saloon and a grocery store. The Eagle then purchased the Pilot's "name and good will." A.J. Buchanan, the Pilot's editor for 15 years, purchased J.J. Gilham's stock in the Eagle. Joseph Carnes takes over as editor of the Eagle.
Brazos Co 1910 Census reports Brazos Co population is 18,919.
Bryan 1910 Census reports Bryan's population is 4,132.
Bryan Commercial Club organized to succeed the Business League. It operated under this name until the change to Chamber of Commerce in 1931.
Bryan Bryan College Station Interurban began operation.
A&M College The Department of Extension is organized and will later become the Agricultural Extension Service.
Oct Brazos Co All Seeing Eye Baptist Church purchases land.
Bryan City purchased electrical distribution system from Bryan Water, Inc. and Electric Light Company for $7,650.
Bryan Street lights had been installed in the business district prior to 1911.
Bryan Eleventh grade added to Public School.
Bryan Dellwood Amusement Park opened the summer of 1911.
A&M College Establishment of the Departments of Engineering and Agriculture.
A&M College Milner Hall completed at a cost of $75,000. Converted to a classroom/office complex in 1976 77.
A&M College Legett Hall completed at a cost of $75,000. Renovated for occupancy by women in 1979.
Aug Brazos Co State Colored B.Y.P.U. conference meet at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.
Nov 11 A&M College 5:30 a.m., An accidental kitchen fire burned the Mess Hall built in 1897 to the ground in a matter of hours.
A&M College Lumber from construction of Milner and Legett halls was "acquired" for the purpose of building Bonfire.
A&M College Board of Directors residence completed. It would be the first home of the Texas A&M University Press in 1975. It was destroyed by fire in 1979 while serving as residence for former President Jack K. Williams.
A&M College Mitchell Hall completed at a cost of $75,000.
A&M College Electrical Engineering Building completed at a cost of $75,000. Named for Frank C. Bolton in 1939. Renovated for use by the Political Science department in 1989 at a cost of $3,214,000.
Jan Bryan Joseph Carnes retire as Bryan Eagle editor and A.J. Buchanan takes over as Eagle editor. Buchanan was later replaced by Ed. E. Talmadge, who bought controlling interest in the paper with A.B. O'Flaherty.
May 27 A&M College 2 a.m., Old Main caught fire. It took only a little ore than an hour for the blaze to completely destroy the interior.
Sept Bryan Dr. S.W. Hooks, an African American, opens a drug store in Bryan.
Nov 5 National Election Day
Woodrow Wilson elected 28th President of the United States.
Texas votes for (D) Wilson.
Bryan Modern sewage disposal plant installed for the western part of the city.
Bryan Oak Grove Park granted to the City.
Bryan First auto truck purchased for the fire department.
Jan Bryan : The "colored Y.M.C.A." is organized in Bryan.
April Bryan The "Bryan Colored School" burns.
Sep 1 A&M College President Milner resigns.
Sep 1 A&M College Charles Puryear appointed acting president.
Bryan City ordinance required automobile registration for a 25 cent fee; set speed limit at 15 mph downtown, 6 mph at intersections, 18 mph in other areas.
Bryan Main street was paved some time between 1909 and 1915.
A&M College The Academic Building is completed at a cost of $225,000 on the site of Old Main.
A&M College The Texas Agricultural Extension Service established under the provisions of the Smith Lever Act. The Extension Service offers the first opportunity for significant numbers of women to gain professional positions at A&M.
A&M College The Southwest Athletic Conference established with charter members A&M College, Arkansas, Baylor, Rice, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma A&M, and Southwestern.
Jan Brazos Co A new school building for Blacks is completed.
Aug 25 A&M College William Bennett Bizzell is appointed as president. During his tenure he will publicly express his support for coeducation. Except for the summer sessions, previous to and during his tenure only the daughters and relatives of faculty and staff could attend, and then only as unofficial, non degree seeking students. Bizzell argues that the policy should be expanded to all women who seek admission to the college because of specific advantages offered in the institution that are not available in other state supported institutions. In 1925, his last year in office, 30 women are in attendance and one would receive a degree.
Bryan Bryan Street paved.
Bryan Free city delivery of mail.
A&M College The new YMCA building opens its doors. Col. Edward B. Cushing '80 of the Southern Pacific railroad headed a committee of former students and with a pledge of $30,000 from John D. Rockefeller secured the funds for the building. The classical structure provided the students with a multitude of services and facilities which included reading rooms, Bible study rooms, an ornate tiled swimming pool, dining room, kitchen, alumni association rooms, auditorium and bowling alleys.  Two large fireplaces added to the overall ambiance of what came to be thought of as the campus parlor. As predicted by Cushing, the new 'Y' became the center of campus social life until the MSC was constructed in 1950.
A&M College Clara B. Dismunkes Vander Las leaves a substantial gift to A&M for the establishment of a "Department of Domestic Science." The Board of Directors refuse the gift because it would force the College to become coeducational.
College Station The city's first daily newspaper, The Daily Bulletin, begins.
Aug Brazos Co Shiloh Baptist Church is badly damaged during a storm.
Nov A&M College The Bryan Eagle reported in November, 1915 that work on new bleachers (at the football field) had been completed. With 6,800 comfortable seats, all was in readiness for the game with the University of Texas. According to the newspaper's description, the "field is completely surrounded like the larger bowls of the East with well constructed bleachers. Two rows of temporary boxes and a row of movable bleachers at the end of the field constitute the only temporary structures." Before the new construction, the stands accommodated 1,200. The new bleachers could seat 4,500 and had concrete foundations with uprights constructed of six by six timbers. Seat backs were provided for each row and there was plenty of foot space.
A&M College Hospital completed at a cost of $58,000.
Oct 19 A&M College Establishment of a senior unit of the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) under the provisions of the National Defense Act of June 3,1916.
Nov 7 National Election Day
Woodrow Wilson re-elected President of the United States.
Texas votes for (D) Wilson.
Dec Brazos Co Pleasant Hill Baptist Church purchases land.
Dec 2 A&M College School of Veterinary Medicine established.
A&M College The Eagle reports that sixteen women are studying Rural Home Economics at A&M in the summer session. Cornelia Simpson teaches the course.
Bryan City adopted Commission Manager form of government.
A&M College Animal Husbandry Pavillion completed at a cost of $56,000.
A&M College Serum Laboratory completed at a cost of $30,000.  It served as a museum between 1937 and 1965. Housed an Egyptian mummy now on loan to the Houston Museum of Natural History.
June Bryan Bryan Blacks form a Red Cross Auxiliary.
A&M College The old campus hospital is briefly used to house wives of soldiers stationed at A&M.
A&M College Clara Belle Hollyfield, a campus nurse, dies in the 1918 flu epidemic, becoming the first known woman to give her life aiding students.
A&M College President W.B. Bizzell hires Maggie Wilkins Hill Barry to serve as a liason between the Texas Agricultural Extension Service and women's clubs in Texas. Barry continued her work with with the Extension Service, specializing in assisting rural women, until her retirement in 1940. Barry was instrumental in having "homemaker" added as an occupation in the 1930 U.S. census. Prior to her work, the census bureau listed homemakers in the same category with "infants, idiots and imbeciles"
Bryan First telephones installed
Bryan Bryan College Station Interurban abandoned.
A&M College Bizzell Hall completed at a cost of $90,000.
A&M College Francis Hall completed at a cost of $92,000.
A&M College Butler Hall completed at a cost of $90,000.
May 25 A&M College Guion Hall dedicated. It was the religious and cultural center of the campus. Its stage hosted a wide variety of performances and speakers. From band leader Tex Beneke to Robert Kennedy, guitarist Andes Segovia to dancer Jose Greco, the Aggie Players to the Aggie Follies, and the Singing Cadets to the Aggieland Orchestra; Gunnion," as it was affectionately called, would become A&M's window to the world. Weekend movies there were often a source of cheap entertainment. Ultimately, these activities outgrew the building and they were moved to larger facilities. The building was named for Ballinger Judge John I. Guion (1854 1920), retiring president of the A&M Board of Directors.
May 27 A&M College First organized reunion held on campus by the class of 1898.
Aug Bryan Negro Business League is formed in Bryan.
Oct Bryan Negro Council of Defense is formed.
Bryan City electric power plant and generating station bought from Bryan Power Company for $75,000.
A&M College Mechanical Engineering Building completed at a cost of $76,000. Named for Emil Jerome Fermier in 1925. Renovated in 1972.
Feb Brazos Co Colored Ministers Association meet at Shiloh Baptist Church.
April Brazos Co A local N.A.A.C.P. chapter is organized.
Jun 23 A&M College Association of Former Students established with membership open to anyone who had attended the college for one year.